Video Styles & Equipment

Audio & Video Equipment



Depending on the event's venue, we can use up to 8 camera (six Panasonic 4k cameras, 2 wide angle HD cameras) to capture your event.

Up to 6 cameras are on stationary tripods, with up to two 4k camera on stabilizers to capture close ups and to follow the action during the event.

All audio is captured on up to 5 digital recorders. We do not use any wireless mic systems due to inherent noise and interference. We get the cleanest sound possible from hard wired recorders.

Video Styles


We use two styles of videos depending on the event.

For long form events, such as Wedding Ceremonies, Dance Recitals, etc, we use a Journalistic/Dcoumentary style of editing for the main event videos: A linear progression of events as they happen, with very little to no editing. 

For Wedding Receptions, Birthdays and other events, we use a Highlights style capturing all of the important events and edited down to fit playback with music.

Video Style: Wedding Receptions, Birthdays, Memorials, etc:


These types of videos are captured on at least one 4k camera on a stabilizer and  edited down to a Highlights video format: Entrances, Cutting the cake, Speeches, Throwing the Bouquet & Garter, etc. Normally, a Wedding Reception is edited down to fit with the couple's first dance song. Other Events can use any song you would like.

*Please note that Digitopia, Inc. is not responsible for obtaining music rights for any songs. Unless specified, we will use licensed music from for Highlights.